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Issue date: 12th March 2013

The stamps were issued in sheets of 50 stamps (with cutter) and as miniaturesheet as well.
The miniaturesheet is existing overprinted "Centenary of Kangaroo Stamps Consecutive", numbered Limited edition /500.

South Masson Range
(Framnes Mountains)
The South Masson Range was discovered and named by BANZARE and mapped by Norwegian cartographers from air photos taken by the Lars Christensen Expedition in 1936-37.

David Range
The David Range is part of the Framnes Mountains. It was sighted and named in February 1931 by the British Australian New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition (BANZARE) under Sir Douglas Mawson.

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Left stamp:
Mt. Parsons (1'120 m) near Mawson Base (Framnes Mountains)
is one of the most regularly ascended peaks due to the repeater installed on its summit.
The repeater facilitates communications on VHF band between fi eld parties back to station around the area.

right stamp:
Mawson Escarpment
The Mawson Escarpment is flat-topped and faces west extending for more than 100 kilometres. It was discovered by Flying Offi cer J. Seaton of the Australia National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE) in 1956 and named after Sir Douglas Mawson.

source: Australian stamp Bulletin


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