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"Travel Scenes series No. 17 Toyama, Tateyama, Kurobe area"
Issue date: 16 April 2013

This stamp sheet features sceneries and landscapes of Tateyama, Kurobe and its surrounding landscape. The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route in the Hida Mountains is a famous mountain sightseeing route between Tateyama (Toyama Prefecture) and Omachi (Nagano Prefecture).

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route (opened on June 1, 1971) is just 37 km in length, but the vertical interval is as large as 1'975 m.

The stamps are showing the Tate-yama (3'015 m), Tsurugi-dake (2'999 m), Kurobe-dam and the 350 metres high Shomyo Falls in the Hida Mountains.

Japan stamp sheet Travel series 17 Hida Mountains

  1. Rock Ptarmigan.
  2. Snowy Otani, The Tate-yama Murododaira at 2'450 metres is a leading heavy snowfall area and has a snow coverage of about 8 metres. The section of the wall of about 500-m length, where the road gets prepa- red for the traffic, is called "snowy Otani".
  3. Shomyo Waterfall.
  4. Tateyama Gentian.
  5. Mida-field & Tsurugi-dake.
  6. Mida-field & Tsurugi-dake.
  7. Murododaira Plateau & main summits of Tate-yama.
  8. Ermine.
  9. Aleutian avens.
  10. Daikanbo Aerial tramway from Kurobe- daira up to Daikanbo. Snowy Otani Kurobe dam and summits of the Hida Mountains.

upper part: Snowy Otani.
lower part: Kurobe dam and summits of the Hida mountains.

Many thanks to Kumiko Hamamichi (Japan) for the translation and identification of the mountains.




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