Ukiyoe Series

"Ukiyoe Series 2007"
Date of Issue: 1st August 2007
Japan Ukiyoe Series 2007 stamps timbres Briefmarken francobolli

5 Stamps depict images of the series "Meisho Edo Hyakkei" (One Hundred Famous Views of Edo) of Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858) and 5 stamps depict portraits of beauties in Edo period.  
(Edo, Yedo or Yeddo is the former name of Tokyo)
Stamp 9, shows the Mt. Fuji in the background.

  1. Nihon Bridge and Edo Bridge (picture 43)

  2. Kinryuzan Temple at Asakusa (picture 99)

  3. The Moon Pine on the Temple Precincts at Ueno (picture 89)

  4. Irises at Hokiri (picture 56)

  5. Suido Bridge and Suruga Hill (picture 63)
    (Mt. Fuji in the background)

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