"Switzerland through the eyes of foreign artists II"
Issue date: 6th September 2007

Switzerland – Inspiration for English literary classics  

In the series “Switzerland through the eyes of foreign artists”, the English artist James Peel has followed the tracks of four British authors whose works reflect their stay in Switzerland. The result is four stamps paying homage to landscapes that served as inspiration for a generation of artists.

William Wordsworth
Memorials of a Tour on the Continent, 1820 (1922)
Staubbach Falls
Mt. Grosshorn 3'754 m

George Gordon, Lord Byron
The Prisoner of Chillon (1816)
Lake Geneva

Mary Shelley
Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus (1818)
Mt. Mönch 4'107 m
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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Final Problem (1893)
Reichenbach Falls

Beschreibung und Bild ohne Rahmen
Beschreibung und Bild ohne Rahmen