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Ukiyoe Series

"Ukiyoe Series - No 3"
Issue date: 1st August 2014
Ukoye Series

Stamps 1-5 depict portraits of beauties in Edo period and stamps 6-10 depict images of the series "Rokujûyoshû meisho zue" (Famous Views of the 60 odd Provinces) of Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858) also known as Andō Hiroshige.

  1. The Ide Jewel River (Ide no Tamagawa): Karauta of the Chôjiya, kamuro Tsumaki and Utagi, from the series Six Jewel Rivers (Mu Tamagawa uchi).
  2. Hitomoto of the Monji-rô (Kitagawa Utamaro).
  3. Wash (Kikukawa Eizan).
  4. Bijin With a Fan (Kitagawa Utamaro).
  5. Girls Festival (Chokosai Eisho).

  6. Picture 40, Inaba Province: Karo, Koyama (Inaba, Karo, Koyama).
    (Settsu was an old province, which today comprises the southeastern part of Hyōgo Prefecture and the northern part of Osaka Prefecture)
    It shows the greatest Koyama pond in Japan (Lake Koyama) in the west of Tottori city.
  7. Picture 30, Wakasa Province: Fishing boat for Flatfish Fishing.
    (Wakasa was an old province in the area that is today southern Fukui Prefecture)
    It shows the Wakasa Bay with Mt. Iimori (584.5m).
  8. Picture 3, Owari Province: Tsushima, Tennô Festival (Owari, Tsushima, Tennô matsuri).
    (Owari was an old province in the area that is today the western half of Aichi Prefecture)
    The Tenno Matsuri is a festival held annually (since about 500 years) on the fourth Saturday of July, in Tsushima, (Aichi). The five boats represent the five former villages and the dome shaped arrangement of 365 laterns (on each boat) one for each of the days in the year.
  9. Picture 66, Ōsumi Province: Cherry Island.
    (Ōsumi was an old province in the area that is today the eastern part of Kagoshima Prefecture)
    It shows the Sakurajima volcano (Cherry Island is the literal name for the Sakurajima).
  10. Picture 24, Hida Province: The Basket Ferry.
    (Hida was an old province in the area that is today the northern part of Gifu Prefecture)
    It shows a basket ferry in the Hida Mountains.



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