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"Mountains and Rivers of the Motherland – Yellow River"
Issue date: 10th December 2015

An equal series "Yellow River Views" issued from the People's Rep. of China at 23th August 2015.

The Yellow River is called the “mother river” of Chinese nation. Like a cradle, the Yellow River valley has nurtured, nourished and proliferated generations and generations of people in China, countless heroes and saints in history and the splendid Chinese culture which contributes significantly to world civilizations. Macao Post issued the stamp theme “Mountains and Rivers of the Motherland – Yellow River” on 10th December 2015.  

Yuan Jia, the famous contemporary Chinese artist, compressed the “Ten Thousand Miles along the Yellow River” into a set of nine stamps, the entire Yellow River valley is printed with hot foil stamping with gold to highlight its imposing landscapes and magnificent view. 

This stamp issue also includes a prestige stamp booklet with 9 stamps in se-tenant format at 570 mm lenght, it showcases the panorama of the entire valley of the Yellow River, and it is the longest set of stamps ever issued in Macao.

The difference of the stamps between the sheet and prestige booklet is as following:
sheet: the Yellow River is highlighted by golden foil
prestige stamp booklet: without golden foil

500'000 sets, 100'000 prestige booklets
source: Macau Post  

The pictures of the stamps are titled "The Source of the Yellow River", "Nine Bend River Passing through the City", "Jingnan beyond the Great Wall", "The Wilderness of Hetao", "Golden Waves at Hukou (Hukuo Waterfall)", "Shanxi Surrounded by the River", "Heluo in Mountains (Hua Shan)", "Water Charm of Central China" and the "The Clear River and the Calm Sea (Tai Shan)" .

A detailed description of each stamp you can find in the Yellow River section.


Macau 2015 Mountains and Rivers of the Motherland – Yellow River sheet

Mountains and Rivers of the Motherland – Yellow River Prestige booklet


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