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"Exposición Continental EXPOAFE Quito"
Issue date: 29th September 2015
Ecuador Exposición Continental EXPOAFE Quito stamp sheet
  1. Argentine stamp on stamp (map, issued 1951).
  2. Bolivian stamp design on stamp (design from the year 1863. The design never became a stamp and shows the Cerro de Potosi).
    (link back to Cerro de Pososi stamp 2015).
  3. Brazilian stamp on stamp (issued 1843).
  4. Canadian stamp on stamp (polar bear, issued 1953).
  5. Chilean stamp on stamp (Copihue / Lapageria rosea, issued 1965).
  6. Colombian stamp on stamp (fifth SCADTA Issue, issued 1929, Nevado de Tolima).
    (link: back to Nevado de Tolima stamp 2015).
  7. Costa Rica's first postage stamp "Media Real" on stamp. It shows the Coat of arms of Costa Rica.
    (link: back to Coat of Arms stamp 2015).
  8. Cuban stamp on stamp (El Morro lighthouse of Havanna, issued 1949).
  9. Ecuadorian stamp on stamp (Cabosse, issued 1930).
  10. El Salvadoran stamp on stamp (San Salvador volcano, issued 1925).
    (link back to San Salvador volcano stamp 2015).
  11. Cover on stamp, (cover of "the Ecuadorian Collector").
  12. (IX) National Philatelic Exhibition, Block of 6 of Medium Royal blue stamp on stamp.
  13. I Continental Exhibition of thematic, Cover with special postmark on stamp.
  14. (II) Thematic Fiaf Congress, A circulated postcard on stamp.
  15. Assembly XLIX FIAF. Entire postal card on stamp.
  16. Spanish stamp on stamp (Caravel on Guadalquivir River in front of the city Sevilla, issued 1929).
  17. American stamp on stamp (Curtiss JN-4 H Jenny, inverted, issued 1918).
  18. Guatemalan stamp on stamp (Quetzal bird, issued 1878).
  19. Mexican stamp on stamp (Riding postmen on a donkey, issued 1895).
  20. Panamanian stamp on stamp (Opening of the Panama Canal, issued 1915).
  21. Paraguayan stamp on stamp (Humaita Fortress, issued 1944).
  22. Peruvian stamp on stamp (Andean Cock-of-the-rock bird / Rupicola peruviana, issued 1972).
  23. Stamp of Saint-Pierre und Miquelon on stamp (map, issued 1932/1933).
  24. Uruguayan stamp on stamp (map, issued 1984).
  25. Venezuelan stamp on stamp (map, issued 1930).


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