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"Diamond Jubilee of the First successful Ascent of Mt. Kangchenjunga and Mt. Makalu"
Issue date: 11th August 2015


Diamond Jubilee of the Fist succsessful Ascent of Mt. Kangchenjunga and Mt. Makalu stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli issued by Nepal 2015
  1. Mt. Kangchenjunga (8'586 m).
  2. Mt. Makalu (8'485 m).
  3. Mountain flight.
    The se-tenant pair shows an areal view of the Mahalangur Himal. Mt. Cho Oyu at the left and Mt. Makalu (8'485 m) at the right. Mt Everest (8'848 m) and Lhotse (8'516 m) are in the center (below the word "Nepal").
  4. Hillary Peak (7'681 m).
  5. Tenzing Peak (7'916 m).

    Tenzing peak (7'916 m) and Hillary peak (7'681 m) are the names which has been proposed in September 2014 by the Government of Nepal. According official stamp issue details of Nepal Post the two peaks are located:

    Hillary Peak: 28°06'24"N,86°42'58"E
    Tenzing Peak: 28°06'21"N,86°41'13"E

    These two points are summits of a mountain ridge, rising above the Ngozumpa glacier and is known as Ngozumpa Kang (or Ngojumba Kang). Ngozumpa Kang has more or less three summits, all of them lacking significant prominence: Ngozumpa Kang I (7'916 m), Ngozumpa Kang II (7'743 m) and Ngozumpa Kang III (7'681 m).

    The ridge with its summits, often known as satellite peaks of Cho Oyu, is stretching from the main peak of Cho Oyu towards northeast connecting Gyachung Kang (7'952 m).

    Other sources (wikipedia and google maps) are locating Hillary Peak at 27°57'31"N 86°54'34"E, which is one of the seven summits of the Nuptse ridge (Nuptse Shar III, 7'695 m).

    However, the image of the postage stamp does not look like the crag of the Nuptse ridge. It looks like the view from the area of Gokyo settlement towards Ngozumpa Kang III (see also Cho Oyu stamp 2004 in Cho Oyu section).


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