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"Kiosk Stamps"
Issue Date 31th October 2016

The Canada Post internet shop is offering for pre-order sale strips of 5 self-adhesive "kiosk stamps". This stamps, from Canada Post known as "Kiosk stamps" are "variable value stamps" (see wikipedia), as we know from many other countries (In Europe they are commonly known by collectors as ATM's). The very first such stamps are known from Swiss Post, who installed more then 40 years ago (9th August 1976), the first four of its total more than 1'000 FRAMA machines in Zürich, Bern, Grindelwald and Geneva, but during last years Swiss Post stopped and no machine is in operation in 2016.

The Canadian "Kiosk stamps" strip is sold from the internet shop as 5 x "Permanent" values and includes paintings by James Edward Harvey MacDonald, Tom Thomson, Albert Henry Robinson, Arthur Litmer and Emily Carr. The date of issue was the 31th October 2016. 

The first 24/7 self-serve shipping kiosk opened in Vancouver on 31th October 2016. Actually (till December 2016), Canada Post opened three such kiosks, the other two are located in Edmonton and Richmont Hill.

Canada Kiosk stamp  Vancouver machine with 18 digit stamp

The image above shows a Kiosk stamp from Vancouver machine 01 with the 18 digit code from 24th November 2016. People who used their credit cards to buy the first stamps beginning November, got stamps with 18-digit codes and postage rates.


 From this period are also existing strips of five, that the bottom stamp with "Nova Scotia" image has an extra "11" printed in the bottom left corner. 


Canada Kiosk stamp Vancouver machine with 14 digit stamp

New software was installed by Nov. 26, applying 14-digit codes.

The "Kiosk stamps" with the 14-digit codes can be identified: The first 6 digits, "105341" for Vancouver, "105260" for Edmonton and "104965" for Richmont Hill. The permanent stamps of the Canadian online shop has also the 14 digit code with the number "105341" of the Vancouver Kiosk.

The next four digits "1031" tells, that this stamps were printed on 31th October 2016 and the last four digits "0001" is the transction number of the day.

The stamps are available from the machines in the 24/7 self-serve shipping kiosk in four denominations: Permanent (Domestic, 85-cent first-class), US rate $1.20, Oversize rate $1.80, and International rate $2.50. Stamps must be purchased in multiples of 5 per denomination and are dispensed in strips of 5 (1 of each design). The online shop of Canada Post does not sells the denominations $1.20, $1.80 and $2.50.

(the strip of five (depicted below) is from the online shop of Canada Post)

Canada Kiosk stamps 2016
  1. The Front of Winter by James Edward Hervey MacDonald.

    1928, oil on canvas, 34.25 x 45.35", Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
    It is not confirmed, but it seems to be a view from appr, 51°22'10.55"N 116°20'51.38"W (near Lake O'Hara) towards Cathedral Mountain (3'189 m) in the Yoho National Park.
    During his summers, James Edward Hervey MacDonald traveled every year to Lake O’Hara to paint. In 1928 he painted also the famous works "Lake O’Hara" and Lake O’Hara, Rainy Weather.

  2. In The Northland by Tom Thomson.
  3. Baie-Saint-Paul by Albert Henry Robinson.
  4. Nova Scotia by Arthur Lismer.
  5. Indian War Canoe (Alert Bay) by Emily Carr.

  The set below is from Richmond Hill.
The digit number tells, that the stamps of this set were printed from the machine in Richmond Hills (104965), were printed on 30th December 2016 (1230) and were bought with transaction 4109.

  Vanada Kiosk stamps Richmond Hill Permanent
  Vanada Kiosk stamps Richmond Hill 1.20
  Vanada Kiosk stamps Richmond Hill 1.80
  Vanada Kiosk stamps Richmond Hill 1.80



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