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"My Journey Stamp Series No.1 – Kyoto I found"
Issue date: 19th August 2016
This is the first issue of My Journey Stamp Series. Based on the concept of "my journey," the stamps depict scenery of sightseeing destinations seen from one’s point of view as well as "one’s own scenery found during journey" such as lifestyle and local products. The theme of the first issue is "Kyoto I found."
Japan 2016 My Journey Stamp Series No.1 – Kyoto i found stampMy Journey Stamp Series No.1 – Kyoto i found stamps issued 2016
  1. Koyasu-no-to, Kiyomizudera Temple
  2. Kiyomizudera Temple
  3. Periphery 1, Sannei-zaka
  4. Periphery 2, Sannei-zaka
  5. Suirokaku, Nanzenji Temple
  6. Nanzenji Temple
  7. Fallen leaves at the garden, Shisendo
  8. Shisendo
  9. Post on Hanamikojidori Street
  10. Hanamikojidori Street


  1. Autumn leaves reflected on the surface of the water, Togetsukyo Bridge
  2. Togetsukyo Bridge
  3. Statue of Gakko Bosatsu, Daigoji Temple
  4. Daigoji Temple
  5. Yuseien Garden, Sanzenin Temple
  6. Sanzenin Temple
  7. Nakagyo Post Office 1
  8. Nakagyo Post Office 2
  9. Moon, Shodenji Temple
    Mount Hiei-zan (Oohiei)
  10. Shodenji Temple


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