Hellenic Post Office issued on 24th May 2018 two special stamp EUROPA 2018 "Bridges".
Existing: perforated/gummed and self-adhesive/die-cut.

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Rio - Antirrio Bridge
38°19′17″N 21°46′22″E

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Plaka Bridge
39°27'16.19"N 21° 2'0.23"E
The Plaka Bridge, over Arachthos River, was the largest stone one-arch bridge in Greece and the Balkans, and known as the third largest one-arch stone bridge in Europe. Its stone arch measured 40 meters and curved majestically over the river, 21 meters above the water. Constructed in 1866. The historic bridge of Plaka collapsed on 1st February 2015 due to heavy rains that hit the area Tzumerka.

The about 500 metres high mountain behind is part of the Canyon (upstream the bridge) and unnamed on maps (contact).