Swiss Post is capturing the 125th anniversary on a postage stamp and postal stationery card, having already devoted a special stamp to the CabriO cable car in the year 2012.

125 years ago, it was possible to reach the 1,878-metre-high Stanserhorn starting from Stans, in a journey with a maximum gradient of 63 percent in three sections and a time of more than 45 minutes. The railway’s clasp brakes were the first of their kind in the world. They ensure that the carriage automatically clamps to the track if the cable snaps. This revolutionary system is still in operation today and has since been copied many times. The second and third sections were replaced by a cable car in 1975, which was in turn superseded by the CabriO cable car in 2012 – another world premiere. This unique combination of nostalgia and 21st-century technology is also found on the sheetlet designed by Diego Balli. The Stans-based designer took inspiration from vintage Swiss tourism posters with their bright, fresh colours. The combination of graphic and scenic creation presents a view that does not exist in reality but which reflects impressions of a journey to the Stanserhorn in compressed format.
text: Swiss Post

The stamp shows the funicular of the first section, from Stans (450m) to Kälti (714m), rises gently (17%) through fields. The background a stylized view from Stans towards the Rigi massif at the left (Gersauerstock and Rigi Hochflue) and the Buochserhorn (right). The illustration of the miniaturesheet shows the terminus stations Kälti and the CabriO cable car.

The front side of the stationery card shows the summit station on the Stanserhorn and the Bernese Alps in the background.

Switzerland 125th Anniversary Stanserhorn Railway stamp

Switzerland 2018 125th anniversary Stanserhorn stationery card