Rhumel Gorge
Bromo Tengger Semeru Nationalpark
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The Gorge of Rhumel, formed by the Rhumel River is located in the city of Constantine. The gorge is a network of bridges, tunnels, waterfalls and epic views.


Algeria 1930, Constantine & El Kantara Bridge.
A view towards Constantine and the Rhumel Gorge.

The stamp was issued in a set of thirteen semi-postal stamps celebrating the centenary of the French occupation of Algeria. Algeria declared its independence on 5th July 1962.


Algeria Constantine Rhumel Gorge stamp 65cAlgeria Constantine Rhumel Gorge stamp 1F
Algeria Constantine Rhumel Gorge stamp 1.75F2.15 F

Algeria 1937, Constantine and the Rhumel Gorge.


Algeria 1972, Plane over the Rhumel Gorge.


Algeria 1984 Constantine Rhumel Gorge stamp

Algeria 1984, Constantine and Rhumel Gorge.


Algeria 2008 Bridges over the Rhumel Gorge Constantine stamp

Algeria 2008, Bridges over the Rhumel Gorge.
Pont de Sidi Rached, Pont de Sidi M’Cid, Pont de la Medersa and Pont d'el El Kantara.


Algeria Constantine Aerial Tramway stamp issued 2013

Algeria 2013, Constantine Aerial Tramway.
The Constantine Aerial Tramway (opened June 2008) runs across the Rhumel Gorge. It links the eastern part of the city at the place Tatache Belkacem with the western part at Emir Abdelkader. In the background the Pont Sidi M'Cid bridge.