İlandağ 2'412 m
Bromo Tengger Semeru Nationalpark

The İlandağ (local name), also known as Mt. Odzahar or "mountain of snakes", is located in the Julfa District of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in Azerbaijan. It towers about 1'200 metres above its surrounding plane.

"The mountain of snakes" is the literal translation of this mountains local name "İlandağ". It is considered to be the symbol of the region Nakhchivan. 

The legend is telling, that at the time of Biblical Great Flood, in the nighttime the Noah's Ark strucked against its top and got some damage. Outraged Noah cursed this mountain and after the flood waters has receded this mountain became inhabited only by huge snakes or dragons.  


Azerbaijan stamp 2003, Ilan Dagi Ilan Dağı

Azerbaijan 2003, İlandağ.


Azerbaijan 2014 Ilan Dağı Ilan Dagi stamp miniaturesheet

Azerbaijan 2014
İlandağ in the foreground, In the background the Mt. Kapudzhuk (3'905 m), which marks the Azerbaijan/Armenian borderline.


Azerbaijan 2017, İlandağ.
The souvenirsheet was issued in the series "The Nature of Azerbaijan".