Zelengora 2'014 m

A part of the Zelengora massif, including its highest summit, Bregoč at 2'014 metres, is part of the Sutjeska National park in Bosnia & Herzegowina.


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Bosnia & Herzegovina (Serbian Post) 2012, "CEPT" (stamp and vignette).
The stamp was issued in sheets of 8 stamps, printed with one vignette in the centre and in pane of a booklet, printed together with a river stamp.

The stamp is showing the view from the Gornje bare lake towards summits of the Zelengora massif. The vignette is showing the highest peak of Bosnia & Herzegovina, the Mount Maglić at 2'388 metres.

The Gornje Bare lake is about 150 m long, 80 m wide and 2m deep. It is situated in an altitude of 1'515 metres.