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Yoho National Park
Bromo Tengger Semeru Nationalpark
Canada map Yoho  Park

The Yoho National Park is located just west of the Banff National Park. It was created 1886 and covers an area of 1'313 square kilometres. The Trans-Canada Highway is passing through the park. Canada 1927 unknown

Canada 1927, Mount Cathedral. reads;
"The Post Office Department issued a Commemorative Special Delivery stamp of particular interest. Five stages of mail transportation in Canada, from a drawing by a staff artist of the Canadian Bank Note Company Limited. Through a Gothic arcade, five different methods of mail transportation are shown: a mounted mail courier, a dog-train, an express train, an ocean liner and two biplanes. These appear against a background revealing something of Canada's vastness, beauty and diversity. The mountain peak is a free rendering of Mount Cathedral, in Yoho National Park, Alberta. The stretch of land in the foreground suggests the Canadian prairies with the snow typifying the northern areas. The water is the great St. Lawrence waterway, and the train represents Canada's extensive transcontinental railway systems. The words "Canada P.O." appear finely engraved across the mail bag carried by the horse in the foreground." 

Canada Mount Hurd stamp Yoho Nationalpark

Canada 1928, Mt. Hurd 2'966 m.
A view from Trans Canada Highway, just west of Field.


Canada prestamped postal card Emerald Lake

Canada 1974 (?), Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park.

In the background summits of the President Range. The main summit, Mt. President at 3'077 metres is at the left behind and is 136 meters higher than the summit of the Mt. V. President. The summits are named after Canadian Pacific Railroad executives. The summit in the center (behind) is Michael Peak.



Canada 1982, Mount Hurd.
(the 1928 stamp on stamp)


Canada Climbing Mount Habel stamp

Canada 2016, Climbing Mount Habel.
The stamp is existing die-cut/self-adhesive & perforated/gummed and on and on international-rate postal cards.
Issued in the series "Canadian Photography".

There is a Mount Habel in the Canadian Rockies, found near the Wapta Icefield. But according greatdividenaturenotes.blogspot it is not the photographed mountain on the stamp. The mountain on the stamp is called Mount des Poilus (3'166 m) and it's located (51°35'39.71"N 116°36'22.75"W) in the Yoho Valley (Yoho National Park). Mount des Poilus was originally named for the German mountaineer Jean Habel, who first explored the Yoho Valley in 1897.

It was renamed in a fit of patriotic re-naming after the end of World War I. The rest of the story from tells: “One week following the armistice which ended the First World War, eleven peaks in the Kananaskis Area were named after prominent French military leaders who had served during the confict. "Les Annales," a French publication, had suggested that one mountain be named, "for the great hero of the age, the humble and fascinating poilu (the lowest ranking soldiers of the French Army) who had battled the invading Germans." Arthur O. Wheeler was asked to recommend a peak and the fact that he chose Mount Habel to become Mount des Poilus may have had something to do with the fact that Jean Habel was a German citizen. However almost seventy years later Jean Habel’s name was again placed on a mountain in the Canadian Rockies. Author Graeme Pole’s suggestion that a peak on the Continental Divide just north of Yoho National Park be named Mount Habel was accepted by the authorities in 1987.”


Canada 2016 The front of Winter Kiosk stamp

Canada 2016, "The Front of Winter".
The stamp was issued in the series "Kiosk Stamps".

Artwork by James Edward Hervey MacDonald.

1928, oil on canvas, 34.25 x 45.35", Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
It is not confirmed, but it seems to be a view from appr, 51°22'10.55"N 116°20'51.38"W (near Lake O'Hara) towards Cathedral Mountain (3'189 m) in the Yoho National Park.
During his summers, James Edward Hervey MacDonald traveled every year to Lake O’Hara to paint. In 1928 he painted also the famous works "Lake O’Hara" and Lake O’Hara, Rainy Weather.


Rocky Mountaineer stamp issued 2017 by Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein 2017, "Rocky Mountaineer".
The stamp shows a mirror inverted view from Ottertail Creek in Yoho National Park. The train runs from Field towards Golden.

The left image shows the real view as you can see from the viewpoint at Ottertail Creek (51°19'58.06"N 116°33'12.98"W) along the Trans Canada Highway. The mirror inverted image can be found on numerous tourism websites and surprisingly also on the website of the Rocky Mountaineer.

The stamp was issued in the series "Collection Sheet 7 – Famous Trains".



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