Southwestern Region map
Min Shan 5'588 m

The Min Shan mountain range runs in the north-south direction through northern Sichuan Province. The highest elevation is Mt. Xuebaoding at 5'588 m. The important nature conservation objects in the Min Mountains include the Jiuzhaigou Valley Nature Reserve and Huanglong Scenic Area.


China 2011, "Good New Life".

The special issue stamp set "Good New Homeland" is reflecting the new look of areas, hit by the May 12, 2008 earthquake in China's southwestern Sichuan Province. It was released on October 13 at a ceremony in Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan.

The "Good New Homeland" special issue comprises a set of four stamps named "New City after Quake", "New Look of the Old City", "Reconstruction for the People", "New Village Households" and one sheet of miniature stamps named "Good New Life."

(text: China Post News)

It seems that the souvenirsheet reflects the view from the Sichuan Basin to West or Northwest, because the foreground is showing the flatness and fertile grounds of it. 

The distinctive mountain with its twin peak towering over the Sichuan Basin does not correspond with the view of a majorpeak of the Sichuan region (Min Shan mountains / for example: Siguniang massif, Xuebaonding or Jiudingshan). It seems to be a composition of the artist to reflect the mountain landscape of the earthquake region of Wenchuan, also known Wenzhuan in the Min Shan mountains.

China 2011
New City after Quake.

China 2011
New Look of the Old City.

China 2011
Reconstruction for the People.

China 2011
New Village House.