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Tai Shan
The Five Great Mountains

The Tai Shan is situated in the north of the city of Tai'an in the Shandong Province.

It is the "East Great Mountain" one of "The Five Great Mountains".  

The tallest peak is the Jade Emperor Peak, which is 1'545 metres high. 


hina 1945 Taishan Mountain stamp Japanese occupation WWII

Japanese occupation of North China 1945, Tai Shan.


China 1949, Registration fee stamp.
It depicts Tai Shana and is existing perforated and rouletted.

After Oct 01,1949, China was divided into the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Peoples Republic of China. The fluctuation of currency were so serious after April 1949 and required such frequent revisions of postage rates, that the new stamps became unsuitable for immediately use after they were off the press. In order to meet actual requirements, the Postal Admininstration issued four kinds of unit stamps in May 1949, to represent: domestic ordinary letter postage, domestic air mail postage - domestic registration fee (shows Tai Shan, picture above) and domestic registration express fee.

They had no face value, but each denomination had to be sold at the price of the day, which was readjusted from time to time.

Taiwan 1949
Registration fee stamp overprinted for Taiwan.
(existing rouletted)

Taiwan 1956
Overprinted with value 0.10
(existing rouletted)

China 1951
Surcharged 15$
Issued for use in Northeast China but available for use throughout China
(perforated & rouletted)
rouletted were sold for philatelic purposes only.

The stamp is also existing overprinted for:
Fujian (postal spelling Fukien)
China PR (1950)
Northeast China
Northwest China
South China
Southwest China China 1981 Taishan mountain stamp

China 1981, Tai Shan. 

The picture of the stamp is showing the way up to its summits.
There are total about 7200 stone steps and on its way are several cultural heritage sites.  

China 1988, Tai Shan stamp timbre Briefmarke.Temple Dai
China 1988, Tai Shan.
Temple Dai

China 1988, Tai Shan stamp timbre Briefmarke Mountain trail
China 1988, Tai Shan.
Mountain trail

China 1988, Tai Shan stamp timbre Briefmarke. Daguan Hill
China 1988, Tai Shan.
Daguan Hill.

Sunrise on Mount Tai Shan stamp 1988
China 1988, Tai Shan.
Sunrise on Mount Tai Shan.


Maldives 1997, Tai Shan.
The stampw were issued in the series "50th Anniversary of Unesco".

Hongkong 2006, souvenirsheet Mainland Scenery
Tai Shan
The imprinted $10 stamp has been issued again in the year 2011 as $2.40 stamp in the Mainland Scenery sheet (please see below).

The stamp of the miniaturesheet is also imprinted (face value 2.40) in the "Mainland Scenery Sheet 2011", to mark the conclusion of the series "Mainland Scenery".  


China 2015
"The Clear River and the Calm Sea"

The stamp "The Clear River and the Calm Sea" depicts many historical legacies of Shangdong Province, such as Mount Tai, known as the Head of China's Five Sacred Mountains, Jinan that is dupped the "city of springs", and Qufu, the hometown of Confucius. It also showcases the rise of the province's energy industry, evidenvced by the Shengli Oil Field in Dongying City, where the Yellow River flows into the sea. That is the final station of the Yellow River, the mother river of the Chinese nation.

The stamp was issued in the series "Yellow River Views".


Macao 2015
"The Clear River and the Calm Sea"
The difference of the stamps between the sheet and prestige booklet is as following:
sheet: the Yellow River is highlighted by golden foil
prestige stamp booklet: without golden foil

The stamps were issued in the series "Yellow River Views".


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