The Great Wall

Great Wall postage stamps, issued by China

The Great Wall is the world's longest human-made structure.

It stretches over approximately 6'400 kilometres from Shanhaiguan in the east to Lop Lake in the west, along an arc that roughly delineates the southern edge of the Inner Mongolia.

Great Wall (postage stamps issued by all countries)


China 1921, Curtis "Jenny" over Great Wall.
The series of 5 stamps is existing with flag on tail and sun on tail.

15c blue grn & black
30c scarlet & black
45c dull violet & black
60c dark blue & black
90c oliv green & black  



China Great Wall stamp 1940 Hong Kong print

China 1932-1940, Junkers F13 over Great Wall
(Beijing & Hong Kong Prints)
Series of 10 stamps, surcharged and overprinted stamps are existing.
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China 1948
(6 values) China Great wall and Fuji Mountain stamp 1965

China 1965, The Great Wall of China & Mount Fuji (Japan) in the background. China Great wall stamü 1974

China 1974, The Great Wall of China China Great wall stamp 1983

China 1983, The Great Wall of China.
The stamp is existing in two different printings. China Great wall stamp 1978

China 1978, The Great Wall of China & Mount Fuji (Japan).


China 1979, The Great Wall of China.

The 4 stamps are existing as kind of a miniaturesheet, but in smaller size (not valid for postage). They were sold with the Entrance ticket for the scenic spot of Badaling section of the Great Wall. The backside of the ticket is a valid postcard with imprinted postage stamp.

Inside the ticket is a kind of miniaturesheet "Tourist commeration of the Great Wall", showing the four stamps above in smaller size and other perforation, but devaluated with a diagonal line.


Ticket frontside

backside (stationery card)


Tourist commeration of the Great Wall (miniaturesheet)


China 1979, The Great Wall of China "Shanhaiguan-Pass".
The souvenirsheet is existing overprinted for the 31st International Stamp Fair in Riccione (Italy) as well. China  Great Wall stamp 1984

China 1984
The background is showing The Great Wall of China & Mount Fuji (Japan). China Great Wall stamp 1990

China 1990 China  Great Wall stamp 1992

China 1992, The Great Wall of China & Mount Fuji (Japan). China  Great Wall stamp 1996

China 1996, "Joint issue with San Marino".
The stamps are showing the Great Wall and the fortress of Guaita on Mount Titano in the Republic of San Marino.


Jinshan Mountain
Shanhaiguan Pass
Laolongtou (Dragon Head)
Huangyaguan Pass
Badaling Great Wall
Juyongguan Pass
Zijinguan Pass
Niangziguan Pass
Pianguan Pass
Bianjing Tower
Tiger Mountain
Shanhaiguan Pass
Jinshanling Mountain
Mutianyu Great Wall
Pingxingguan Pass
Yanmenguan Pass
Zhenbetai Tower
Huanghuacheng City
Sanguankou Pass
Jiayuguan Pass





China 2012, 32th Best Stamps Popularity Poll.



China 2015 China 2015, Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022

China 2015, Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.
The illustration of the sheet of 16 stamps shows the Great Wall as well.



China 2015, Delivery of the First China-made Regional Jet.
The image shows the aircraft from the side front and the graceful and dynamic appearance over the majestic Great Wall.


China 2016 Great Wall stamps


China 2016

The se-tenant series "The Great Wall consists of nine postage stamps, that give a panoramic picture to natural and cultural sights along the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty. The first three stamps depict the section of the Great Wall in Liaoning, Hebei and Beijing.

"Border Mountain and Boundless Sea" portrays the section extending from the Shanhai Pass that serves as the critical passage between northern and northeastern China to the Hu-Shan Great Wall, the east end of the Great Wall by the Yalu River in Dandong City, Liaoning Province viewed from the Jiaoshan Great Wall in Hebei Province.

"Natural Chasm of Jiiao" demostrates the section of the Great Wall that stretches eastwards and westwards from the Shandai Pass, which concentrates the most passes along the Great Wall, including Jiumenkou Gateway, Xifengkou Gateway and Huangya Pass.

"Glory of Yan-Zhao Areas" illustrates the western part of the Great Wall in Ji County that was constructed to defend Beijing. The section of the scenic spots of Simatai. Jinshanling, Gubeikou and Mutianyu section of the Great Wall.

"Shield fort he Capital City" illustrates the inner and outer Great Wall in Beijing and Hebai. The Great Wall is divided into the inner and outer parts with Huairou (in Beijing) as the boundary. The inner part starts from Badaling and stretches south westwards to the Zijing Pass and Daoma Pass, the outer part starts from Huairou and stretches northwards to Zhangjiakou via Xuanfu, later reaches Daton in the west and then keeps extending to the west.

"Magnificent Passes in Shaanxi" depicts the inner and outer Great Wall in Shanxi Province, including famous Niangzi Pass, Yanmen Pass and Shanhukou Gateway.

"Flying Dragon over Long River" portrays the Great Wall in Shanxi and Schaanxi provinces. The Laomin Bay at the junction of Schanxi, Schaanxi and Inner Mongolia, witnesses the impressive scene that the Great Wall and the Yellow River meet each other.

"Looking Northward on Plateau" illustrates the Great Wall in Shaanxi’s Yulin Town on the Loess Plateau. Mounting onto the Zhenbei Teracce in Yulin, one can see the ancient Great Wall snaking on the edge of the Mu Us Desert in distance.

"The Great Wall in Desert" showcases the Ming-Dynasty Great Wall in Ningxia and Guyan towns. The 108 Pagodas stand impressively in Qingtongxia, while the Helan Mountain towers magnificentely in dinstance.

"Ancient Silk Road" portrays the Ming-Dinasty Great Wall in Gansu town along the ancient Silk Road. The Hexi Corridor was a must passage along the ancient Silk Road. Such cities as Zhangye and Wuwei are like gemsinlaid in the Hexi Corridor and have been places where Eastern and Western civilizations met and merged. Towering in the westernmost end of the Great Wall, the Jiayu Pass bears testimony to the unparalelled magnificence of the massive military fortification project, that spans northern China and the Cinese nation’s endless pursuit of revival.