Comores Archipelago
Indian Ocean
Anjouan / Ndzwani

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The island Anjouan, Grande Comore and Mohéli form the nation Union of the Comores. Geographically they form including Mayotte (French overseas department) the Comores archipelago. Anjouan has an area of 424 sq km.

The island of Anjouan, also known Ndzwani is green and unspoilt, covered by coconut palms, banana trees and other tropical plants.

Anjouan is rising centrally in a volcanic massif (Mount Ntingui), which reaches an elevation of about 1'580 m. Anjouan island stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli issued 1972

Archipel des Comores 1972, map of Anjouan (Ndzwani).


Archipel des Comores 1950, Anjouan Island Ndzwani), Mount Ntingui.
View from southwest.

The 10c stamp was issued 2015 by Micronesia as stamp on stamp.



Rép. féd. islamique des Comores 1983.
Anjouan Island (Ndzwani), Mount Ntingu in the background. 

Rép. féd. islamique des Comores 1983
Lava rock Anjouan Island (Ndzwani).

Union des Comores 2011, Tratringa Falls.
The stamps are existing perforated, imperforated and imprinted on postal stationery cards.


Micronesia 2015, Mount Ntingui.
Stamp on stamp of the first stamp of the Comores, issued 1950.

The stamp was issued in the series "First Stamps of the United Nations Member States".


Comores Archipelago
Indian Ocean