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Costa Rica map Irazu volcano

The Irazú volcano is known as the “Colossus” and one of the most active volcanoes in Costa Rica. It is located in the east of the capital San José. The last major eruption is reported for the period of March 1963 to October 1964, during that time the Costa Rican captial San José and the Central Valley were blanketed daily in black soot, ash, and sludge for months.

Irazú’s summit is made up of five craters: The Main Crater (El Crater Principal), Diego de la Haya, Playa Hermosa, La Laguna and El Piroclastico. The main crater is 1'050 m in diameter and is 300 metres deep. The Diego de la Haya crater is 600 metres in diameter and 100 metres deep .


Costa Rica 1935 Irazu volcano stamp

Costa Rica 1935, "Tercentenary of the Patron Saint, Our Lady of the Angels, of Costa Rica".
Irazú volcano and the Basilica de Nuestra Señora de los Angeles in Cartago. Costa Rica stamp 

Costa Rica 1970, Irazú volcano.
Artwork; Rafael A. García. 


Costa Rica 1972, Road at Irazo volcano.


Costa Rica 1979, transmitting station on Irazú.


Costa Rica Irazu volcano stamp

Costa Rica 2004, Irazú volcano.
(1th and 2nd printing)

The stamp shows an areal view of the summit area , the main crater (El Crater Principal) is in the foreground. Diego de la Haya is to the left and Playa Hermosa behind.

1th printing: printers inscription "Gozaka", perforation 10½.
2nd printing: printers inscription "ICT", perforation 13½

The stamp was issued in the series "Parques Nacionales".

Costa Rica Irazu ATM volcano Vulkan stamp

Costa Rica 2004, Irazú volcano.
Variable Value stamp.

Costa Rica 2013, Irazú volcano (El Crater Principal).
The stationery card was issued in the series "Prepaid Postal Cards".




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