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1867 Series
The first postage stamps of El Salvador were printed in sheets of 100 stamps by the American Bank Note Company. The four stamps are existing ½ Real (blue), 1 Real (red), 2 Reales (green) and 4 Reales (bistre). The design shows an active volcano with 11 stars making a semi-circle above the volcano; each star represents Salvadoran provinces in those years: San Salvador, La Libertad, Sonsonate, Santa Ana, La Paz, Cuscatlán, Usulután, San Vicente, San Miguel, La Union, & Chalatenango.

1th printing 1866: heavy yellow gum
2nd printing 1873: thin white gum

In 1874 the Goverment decided to handstamp its stock of postage stamps 'Contrasello - 1874'. There are different theories about the reason, one is that a significant quantity of stamps was stolen from the San Salvador post office.

There are existing three different type of handstamps. Also existing are forged handstamped stamps.



1879 Series
The 5 values in a new design with 13 stars were printed in sheets of 25 stamps. Specialized philatelists distinguish different printings, papers and other characteristics. The most notable is the inverted V on the one Centivo stamp. Three different are existing; Inverted "V" for "A" in "SALVADOR", Inverted "V for "A" in "REPUBLICA" and Inverted "V" for "A" in "UNIVERSAL".

For more detailed information about the El Salvador 1867 - 1879 Issues, please visit the website of www.asianphilatelist.org (link).
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El Salvador 1979 Definitive stamps Arms New Design stamp 1El Salvador 1979 Definitive stamps Arms New Design stamp 2
El Salvador 1979 Definitive stamps Arms New Design stamp 5El Salvador 1979 Definitive stamps Arms New Design stamp 10El Salvador 1979 Definitive stamps Arms New Design stamp 20

El Salvador 1879, Definitives.


1890 - 1899 Series

El Salvador stamps, issued between 1890 to 1899, were printed by the Hamilton Bank Note Co. in New York in order of N. F. Seebeck, who held contract for stamps with the government of El Salvador. This contract gave the right to make reprints of all the stamps. (read more, wikipedia)

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For this reason, the 1890 to 1899 stamp issues are separately listed.


El Salvador 1925 Escudo stamp

El Salvador 1925
Coat of Arms of "Republic of Central America". The five volcanoes symbolize the five member states of the United Provinces of Central America (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua). Above the volcanoes is a red Phrygian cap on a staff before a golden sun.


El Salvador 2015
75th Anniversary of the Asociación Filatélica Salvadoreña.  


Micronesia 2015, first stamp of El Salvador.
The stamp was issued in the series "First Stamps of the United Nations Member States".


El Salvador 2017, 150th Anniversary of the first postage stamp in El Salvador.
The four stamps shows a reprint of the first El Salvadoran postage stamp, issued 1867.

The website of Imprenta Nacional Republica de el Salvador reads about the volcano following:

"Tradicionalmente se ha considerado que el volcán en el óvalo central era el volcán de San Miguel; sin embargo, dado que el diseño es una representación alegórica del escudo nacional de aquel entonces, las estampillas en realidad muestran el volcán de Izalco" (conocido como el “El Faro del Pacífico”) 

Traditionally has been considered that the volcano in the central oval was the volcano of San Miguel; However, since the design is an allegorical representation of the national emblem of that time, stamps actually show the volcano of Izalco (known as "The lighthouse of the Pacific"). 





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