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El Salvador stamps, issued between 1890 to 1899, were printed by the Hamilton Bank Note Co. in New York in order of N. F. Seebeck, who held contract for stamps with the government of El Salvador. This contract gave the right to make reprints of all the stamps. (read more, wikipedia)
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1891 Series
The 14 Stars stand for the 14 provinces at that time.
(10 values)



1894 Liberty Series
(10 values)

El Salvador 1894
The 11 Centavos stamp is existing overprinted "1 Centavo", missoverprintings "Ccntavo" instead "Centavo" existing. All stamps with the ecxeption of 2 Centavos are existing imperforated as well.


1895 Series
(12 values)

El Salvador 1895
The 12, 24 and 30 Centavos stamps are existing overprinted 1 Centavo.
The 20 Centavo stamp is existing overprinted 2 Centavos.
The 30 Centavo stamp is existing overprinted 3 Centavos.



1896 Allegorie Series
(12 values)

El Salvador 1896
The series is existing in two different overprintings "Official".



1896/1997 Definitives Series

(12 values)
This series of 12 stamps with different designs was reprinted in new colours in the year 1897. Both series are existing on watermarked and unwatermarked papers. Imperforated stamps are also existing.


1 centavo, Coat of Arms.


2 centavos, White House.


3 centavos, Locomotive.


5 centavos, Coat of Arms.


10 centavos, steam boat.


12 centavos, steam boat.


15 centavos, Post Office.


20 centavos, Lake Ilopango.


24 centavos, Atehausillas waterfall.


30 centavos, Coat of Arms.


50 centavos, Coat of Arms.


100 centavos, Portrait of Christoph Columbus.



(2 values)
Coat of Arms of "Republic of Central America".

El Salvador 1897
Existing as "Official stamps" handstamped in black and violet.

The five volcanoes symbolize the five member states of the United Provinces of Central America (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua). Above the volcanoes is a red Phrygian cap on a staff before a golden sun.

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