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Borðoy island
Bromo Tengger Semeru Nationalpark
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Borðoy island covers an area of 96 square kilometres. On the island there are eight settlements, Klaksvík, which is the second largest town in the Faroes, Norðoyri, Ánir, Árnafjørður, Strond, Norðtoftir, Depil and Norðdepil. The highest mountain on the island is Lokki (755 m).


Faroe islands 1990
Post office building Klaksvík.
Klaksvík is the second largest town of the Faroe islands and located on Borðoy island.
It shows a view towards the southernmost peak of the Kunoy island (Galvsskorarfjall).
The stamp was issued in the series ""CEPT — Post Office Buildings".


Faroe Islands 2005
It shows a view from Klaksvík on Borðoy Island towards the southern inlet, named Borðoyarvík.
The stamp was issued in the series "Paintings by Jógvan Waagstein (1979 – 1949)".




Faroe Islands