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Massif des Écrins
Montagne Sainte-Victoire 1'011 m
Massif des Écrins map


The Massif des Écrins of the Dauphine Alps is located in the east of Grenoble.

Its highest peak is Barre des Écrins (4’102 m).

Other peaks: La Meije (3’983 m), l'Ailefroide (3’954 m) , Mont Pelvoux, (3’946 m), Pic sans Nom (3’914 m), Pic Gaspard (3'881 m), Le Râteau (3’809 m),  La Grande Ruine (3’765 m), Roche Faurio (3’730 m), Les Bans (3’669 m), Les Agneaux (3’664 m), Aiguille du plat de la Selle  (3’597 m), Les Rouies (3’589 m), Olan (3’564 m), Pic des Arcas (3’479 m), Roche de la Muzelle (3’465 m), Le Sirac (3’440 m), Aiguille des Arias (3’403 m), Mont Gioberney (3’351 m)  Tête de Vautisse (3’156 m).


France 1943La Meije and Le Râteau seen from the north-west (Lac Lérié). La Meije Le Rateau Mountain stamp 

France 1943, La Meije and Le Râteau seen from the north-west (Lac Lérié). 


France 1960
French websites are telling, the stamp is showing the Glacier de l'Homme and le massif de l'Oisans.
(L'Oisans is a region in the French Alps within the Dauphine Alps and Chaîne de Belledonne)

The picture, from the topographic point of view, does not correspond with the real view.
From this point of view the mountains on the right hand side cannot bee seen. It seems, that the peaks on the right could be Le Râteau and Pic de la Grave.(?) 


Republic of Upper Volta 1967, Les Deux-Alpes.
A view towards La Tête de Lauranoure 3'325 m (below the word Alpes) and Roche de la Muzelle 3'465 m (right) of the Massif des Écrins.
The stamp was issued in the series "Olympic Winter Games 1968 Grenoble".  


Mali 1968 stamp Alpe d'Huez 

Mali 1968, Alpe d'Huez.
The stamp was issued in the series "1968 Winter Olympics, Grenoble".
The Bobsleigh map at Alpe d'Huez and in the background the Aiguilles de l'Argentière (3'237 m/left) Aiguillettes de Vaujany (2'547 m/middle) .

The Two-man bobsleigh competition at the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble was held on 4 and 5 February at L'Alpe d'Huez. mountain goldola stamp 1987

France 1987, "6th International Congress of transport Grenoble".

Issue details of Poste France reads “The city Grenoble itself has a modern cable car serving the site of the Bastille, on the slopes of the Chartreuse. This aircraft succeeded in 1976 1934 cable car, first camera in urban site. The particularly successful aesthetics of this cable car cabins, nicknamed "Bulles", directly inspired the artist, who drew this stamp on a background of mountains recalling the framework surrounding Grenoble and made up of the three massifs of Belledonne, Chartreuse and Vercors”.

It is not confirmed, but the mountain panorama in the background has a certain resemblance to the profile by Bec de l' Homme and La Meije. 


France 1984 Dauphile Alps Barre des Ecrins

France 1997, Barre des Écrins 4’102 m, highest peak of the Dauphine Alps.
Barre des Écrins is the southernmost alpine peak in Europe that is higher than 4'000 metres.


France 2009, Rhône-Alpes - La myrtille.  
The stamp was issued in a miniaturesheet "Rhône Alpes / Bourgogne" of the series La France comme j´aime - La flore.
The stamp is based on a photograph and the mountain looks very similar to Les Bans 3'669 m (northface). 
The stamp (self–adhesive) was issued in the series "Flora of the Regions".


France 2013 Dauphine Alps Tour de France Alpe d Huez stamp

France 2013, Le Tour à l'Alpe d'Huez.
A view towards the Massif des Écrins (Bec de l’Homme (left), La Meije, Le Râteau and Pic de la Grave (right).


France France 2013
Summit of the Vieux Chaillot (Massif des Écrins) 3'163 m stamp

France 2013
Summit of the Vieux Chaillot (Massif des Écrins) 3'163 m.
The stamp (self adhesive) was issued in the series "Collectors — Les Montagnes Françaises". 



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