Préalpes de Nice

The Préalpes de Nice are deeply cut in a north-south direction by rivers (Var, Tinée, Vésubie), which make their way to the sea through impressive gorges overlooked by villages perched high above the river beds.

Its highest peak is Pointe des Trois Communes 2'080 m.


France pictures/France 1961 Prealpes Nice Pic de Courmette Ouy de Tourettes mountain stamp

France 1961, Pic de Courmette (1'248 m) and Puy de Tourettes (1'158 m) in the background
Saint-Paul-de-Vence in the foreground.

The stamp exists overprinted "7F CFA" (La Réunion).


France 2010, Préalpes de Nice. seen from Nice.
The stamp is existing water-activated/perforated (11.6.2010) & self-adhesive/die-cut (14.6.2010).


Solomon Islands 2016
Red Road near Menton, painting by Claude Monet.
The stamp was issued in the series "Claude Monet".