Pacific Ocean
French Polynesia

Gambier Islands

The Gambier, also known as Mangareva islands, is a small group of islands in French Polynesia.

The highest mountain of the Gambier islands is the Mount Duff on the Mangareva island. It is a volcanic remnant and 441 metres high.  


France 2001 French Polynesia stamp Gambier islands stamp

French Polynesia 1964
The stamp is showing a view from Mangareva island with the cathedral of Rikitea and the Akamaru island in the background. The highest point of Akamaru has a height of 247 metres (name unknown).


France 2010 French Polynesia Moorea island stamp

French Polynesia 2012, Mangareva island.
The stamp was issued in the booklet "Paysages de Polynésie".

The stamp is showing a view from Mount Duff towards the Akamaru island and Mekiro island at the left.