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The town Tasiilaq, formerly known as Ammassalik is located on the Ammassalik Island. Tasiilaq is the only settlement on the island, which covers an area of 772 square kilometres. It is separated from the mainland of Greenland by the Sermilik Fjord in the west and the Ikaasartivaq Strait in the northeast.


Greenland 1994, church of Tasiilaq, formerly known as Ammassolik.
The summits in the background do not have individual names, but the entire mountain structure (three summits) is called ”Polheim Fjeld” (Danish), or "Qimmeertaajaliip Qaqqartivaa" (Greenlandic), which is also used for the tallest summit. 


1994 Greenland, XVII Olympic Winter Games 1994, Lillehammer (Norway).
The Polheims Fjeld is depicted in the background.



Greenland Tasiilaq stamp Briefmarke francobolli timbre

Greenland 2014, Tasiilaq and ”Polheim Fjeld”.
The stamp was issued in the series ¨Greenlandic Songs I¨.


Greenland 2014, Tasiilaq.
Panorama from Tasiilaq across King Oskars Habour looking towards the peaked Polheims Fjeld (1003 m).
The three summits of ”Polheim Fjeld”.

It was issued in the series "Franking Labels".


Greenland Aviation stamp 2015

Greenland 2015,  De Havilland Canada DHC7.
The stamp was issued in the series "Avation V".
The picture was taken in the valley between Kuummiut and Kulusuk.


Greenland 2016, View from Merquitsoq Peninsula.

The Merquitsoq Peninsula (highest point 417 metres) is located on the eastern shore of the Sermilik Fjord. It is seperated from the Ammassalik Island by the Strait of Tiniteqilaaq. On the southern foothills of the peninsula is the Tiniteqilaaq settlement.

The stamp image shows a view from the Merquitsoq Peninsula (416 m) across the narrow Strait of Ikasartivaq with the Ninartivaraq massif at the left.  

The stamp was issued in the series "Seasons".


France 2017 Ammassalik area stamp

France 2017

The stamp is titled "Sermersooq", which is the name of a Greenlandic municipality covering about ¼ of all Greenland. The original pictures can be found on the websites of several picture libraries with the note, that the picture is taken in Kuummiut and Angmagssalik Fjord area.

Angmagssalik Fjord is the old spelling name of Ammassalik Fjord. The Fjord is about 41 kilometres long, stretching in north south direction and Kuummiit is a settlement at Ammassalik Fjord. (exaxtly viewpoint is not known, contact)

The stamp was issued in the series "Reflets - Paysages du Monde".


Greenland 2017, Tasiilaq.
It was issued in the series "Franking Labels 2017".


Greenland 2018 stamp Amazing Views

Greenland 2018, Cept — Amazing Views.
The image shows a view from above Tasiilaq towards the King Oscar Fjord with the Polheims Fjeld.



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