Bhagirathi 6'856 m

The Bhagirathi Range is a group of four peaks named Bhagirathi I (6'856 m), Bhagirati II (6'512 m), Bhagirati III (6'454 m) and Bhagirathi IV (6'193 m).

They are situated in the Gangotri Group in the western Garhwal Himalaya and are sacred peaks for the hindus.

The Bhagarathi peaks are situated about 12 kilometres in the north of the Kedarnath peaks and about 12 kilometres in the east of Shivling.

First Ascent: Bhagirati I, 1980 by a Japanese team. Bhagirathi mountain peaks stamp

India 1983, Gangotri Glacier & the Bhagirathi peaks.
(Bhagirathi I is situated on the right, behind Bhagirati III)