Kedarnath 6'940 m

The Kedarnath Main (6'940 m) and the Kedarnath Dome (6'831 m) are two mountains in the Gangotri Group of the western Garhwal Himalaya and are sacred peaks for the hindus.

The mountains are situated in the south of the Gangotri Glacier, about 12 kilometres in the south of the Bhagirathi Range and about 15 kilometres in the south-east of the Shivling.

On the southern slope of the Kedarnath peaks is situated the famous holy town of Lord Shiva, Kedarnath at 3'583 m above sea-level.

First ascent: 1947 by a Swiss expedition, André Roch (leader), Aneliese Lohner, Alfred Suter, Alexander Frafen and Rene Dittert. The same expedition made also the first ascent of Satopanth (7'075 m), Kolindi Peak (6'102 m), Balbala (6'414 m) and Nanda Ghuti (6'310 m).


India 1975, The Kedarnath peaks in the background.
The holy town Kedarnath in the foreground.
(imperforate horizontally existing)


India 2001, Kedarnath Mandir temple and the Kedarnath mountains in the background.