Ranau caldera (Semuning Volcano 1'881 m)

The Lake Ranau in the South Sumatra Province is the second largest lake after Lake Toba in North Sumatra Province.

The Lake Ranau is of volcanic origin, formed by the eruption of Mount Cekungannya Seminung, a volcano of which is left only the slope, because the peak collapsed.

A morphologically young post-caldera stratovolcano, Gunung Semuning, was constructed within the southeast side of the caldera to a height of more than 1'600 m above the caldera lake surface.



Indonesia 2003, Ranau Caldera and Semuning Volcano.
The stamp is existing as 5000 Rupiah (from the souveniersheet) and 1500 Rupiah (from the sheet). Indonesia Ranau Caldera Volcano stamp 2003

Indonesia 2003, Ranau Caldera.