Forty-eight Waterfalls of Akame

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The Forty-eight Waterfalls of Akame (Akame Shijuhachi taki) is the name of a hiking trail in the Akame valley, just in the south of Nabari city (Mie Prefecture). The about 4 kilometres long hiking trail runs alongside of many rapids and waterfalls.

Fact is, that in the area there cannot be found 48 waterfalls. There is a number of locations around Japan called "The Forty-eight Waterfalls". It is an often used phrase "Shijūhachi taki" in Japan, to denote a large amount of falls in a small area.

Along the main trail there can be found about 25 waterfalls. The most famous of them are the Biwa Falls (15-metres high), Fudo Falls (15-metres high), Ninai Falls (8-metres high), Nunobiki Falls (30-metres high) and the Senju Falls (15-metres high).

The Akame Forty-eight Waterfalls belong to Japan's Top 100 Waterfalls


www.mountainstamp.com Senju Falls stamp Japan 1951

Japan 1951, Senju Falls (15-metres high).


www.mountainstamp.com Ninai Falls stamp Japan 1951

Japan 1951, Ninai Falls (8-metres high).





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