Kegon Falls

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The 97 metres high Kegon Falls is after the twin falls Hannoki Falls (487 m) and Shomyo Falls (350 m), the Nachi Falls (133 m) and the Fukuroda Falls (120 m) the fifth highest waterfalls of Japan. The Kegon Falls is a major attraction of the Nikko Nationalpark. They are situated (36°44'5.96"N 139°30'11.06"E) about 500 metres in the east of the lake Chuzenji on the Daiya River. The Kegon Falls were formed when the Daiya River was diverted by lava flows after an eruption of the Nantai Volcano.

It is one of Japan's Top 100 Waterfalls


www.waterfallstamp.com Kegon Falls stamp 1939

Japan 1939, Kegon Falls.
The stamp was issued in sheets of 20 stamps and in the souvenirsheet "Nikko Nationalpark".


www.waterfallstamp.com Kegon Falls stamp 1987

Japan 1987, Kegon Falls and lake Chuzenji.
The stamp was issued 1989 in souvenirsheet as well, please see below.


Japan 1989, souvenirsheet "Oku-no Hosomichi" (Matsuo Basho's Diary series).


mountainstamp.com Nantai Volcano Mountain stamp 2004

Japan 2006, Kegon Waterfall at the Lake Chuzenji.





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