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Japan map Chausu-dake Tochigi Prefecture
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Japan map Chausu-dake Tochigi Prefecture

The Nikko Nationalpark (established 1934) is situated in central Honshu and covers an area of 1400,21 square kilometres of the prefectures Tochigi, Gunma and Fukushima. The park borders in the southwest to the Oze Nationalpark, which was till 2007 part of the Nikko Nationalpark.  

The highest mountain within the park is the Nikko-Shirane (2'578 m), other summits are Mt. Nantai (2'486 m), Sanbonyari-dake (1'917 m) and Chausu-dake (1'915 m). Within the park are also situated the 97 metres high Kegon Falls, known as the fourth highest waterfalls in Japan.  


Japan 1938, Nikko Nationalpark, miniaturesheet.

The stamps of the miniaturesheet are showing:

2 sen) Chugushi shrine at lake Chuzenji and Nantai Volcano in the background.
4 sen) Kegon Fall (96 metres high).
10 sen) Mihashi bridge over the river Daya-gawa, built 1638.
20 sen) Hiuchigatake Volcano within Oze Nationalpark.
(Oze Nationalpark was part of the Nikko Nationalpark between 1934 and 2007)

The four stamps were issued in sheets of 20 stamps as well.