Desert Mountains at Gulf of Aqaba
Bromo Tengger Semeru Nationalpark
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The 160 kilometres long Gulf of Aqaba is situated at the northeastern tip of the Red Sea. The gulf is situated at the east of the Sinai Peninsula and west of the Arabian mainland. At its northwestern shore is situated Eilat in Israel and at the northeastern end the city of Aqaba in Jordan.

Desert Mountains of Israel at the Gulf of Aquaba. unknown 2011

Israel 1954, Gulf of Aqaba.
The stamp is showing a view from Eilat in Israel towards the Jordanian mountains at the Gulf of Aqaba. The highest summit of this mountain range is the Djebel Ramm (1'754 m). It is after the Jabal Umm ad Dāmī (1'840 m) in the Wadi Rum the second highest mountain in Jordan. unknown 2011

Jordan 2012, "The Royal Jordanian Falcons".
(The miniaturesheet with inscription 2011 issued 27th February 2012). 

The souvenirsheet is showing the Jordanian Falcons in front of the Aqaba Flagpole in Aqaba at Red Sea.

 The Aquba Flagpole is the fifth tallest free standing flagpole in the world at a height of 130 meters, after the 165 m high Dushanbe Flagpole in Tajikistan, the 162 m high National Flagpole in Baku, Azerbaijan, the 160 m Panmunjeom flagpole in P'yŏnghwa-ri, North-Korea, and the 133 m high Ashgabat Flagpole in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

It carries the flag of the Arab Revolt and can be seen from, Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia.