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Trans-Ili Alatau
Bromo Tengger Semeru Nationalpark
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The Trans-Ili Alatau is a part of the Northern Tian Shan mountain system in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. It is the northernmost mountain range of the Tian Shan, stretching for about 350 km with the maximal elevation of 4'973m (Talgar Peak).


Kazakhstan 1987 Chimbulak stamp Soviet

Soviet Union 1987, Chimbulak (Shymbulaq).
The stamp was issued in the series
"Natl. Sports Committee Intl. Alpinist Camps — Part II".

The Pik Komsomol 4'376 m (middle in the background).
Shymbulaq is a small ski resort with 5 ski lifts (2010) and is situated about 20 km in the south-east of Almaty. 

Kazakhstan 1988 Almaty stadion Soviet

Soviet Union 1988
The Medeo skating Arena lies about 16 kilometer south-east of Almaty on 1'691 metres above sea level in the Medeo Valley.
The peak in the background is unknown (Mochnataja ?).


Kazakhstan 2002, Trans-Ili Alatau.
(viewpoint unknown)  


Kazakhstan 2005 Almaty Lake stamp

The Almaty Lake is situated in the west of Chimbulak.
The white peak on the left side is Ozyorny Peak 4'110 m,
(it is situated at the Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan border). 




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