The Korean Peninsula
Mount Inwang
336 m

The Mount Inwang is one of the well-known tourist attractions in Seoul.

The Mount Inwang is situated in Chongno-gu downtown Seoul, near the Dongnimmun subway. The Mount Inwang stands at a height of 336 metres. The pinnacle of this mountain is formed by a number of massive granite peaks. The various types of rocks found in this mountain have quite interesting names, such as Train Rock, Dress Rock, Dew Rock, Hat Rock and Warm Rock.


Korea South 1977, Mount Inwang "5th Philatelic Week".
The stamps were issued in sheets of 10 pairs and as souvenirsheet.
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The special postage stamps in observance of this 5th philatelic week depict Inwang Jesaik-do (Drawing of Mt. Inwang of Seoul Clearing up after Rain) by Chung Seon(1976-1759) as its design. A renowned painter during the period of King Yongjo, Chung Seon established a way of landscape painting peculiar to the Yi Dynasty without imitating the Chinese style, drawing many sketches by visiting various places of interest and historic remains throughout the country. The original painting is 138.2 centimetres in width and 79.2 centimetres in height and painted on one roll. Location: Ho-Am Art Museum, Yogin.