The Korean Peninsula
Mount Songni
1'058 m

The Mount Songni, also known as Mount Sokri or Songnisan, is situated in the Songnisan Nationalpark.

The Nationalpark covers an area of 274 square kilometres (Chungbuk and Gyeongbuk provinces).


Korea 1964
Mount Songni and Bopju-sa temple in the foreground.
(the stamp is existing imperforated from the souvenirsheet)

The Bopju-sa temple was built by Uishinchosa, a noted Buddhist priest, in the 14th year of King Chin-hung of the Silla Dynasty (553 A.D.). The temple abounds masterpieces of Silla arts such as the Palsang Hall and the Ssangsaja Stone Lantern. These, together with the Sokyon Pond, are officially designated as national treasures. Korea Sokri mountain stamp 1972

Korea South 1972
Mount Songni and Bopju-sa Temple in the foreground.