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The Sulayman-Too forms the backdrop to the city of Osh. The sacred Tulayman-Too or Tahti-Suleiman ("Throne of Sulayman") is named in honour of the legendary bible king Solomon and prophet in the Qur'an. The mountain with its five peaks contains a grave, that supposedly marks the grave of Sulayman.

At the foot of the mountain are located the most outstanding mosques of the city Osh (the mausoleum Asaf-ibn-Burkhia (XI -XVIII), the mosque Ravat – Abdullakhan (XVII – XVIII), and the mosque Muhammad Yusuf Baikhozhi- Oghli (1909)).

The Sulayman-Too is an UNESCO Heritage site since 1997.  


Kyrgyzstan 2000, 3000 years city of Osh.

Sulayman-Too in the background
Ravat-Abdullakhan Mosque (17-th - 18-th centuries) in Osh and Sulayman-Too.
Takhti-Sulayman Mosque
Asaf-Ibn-Burkhia mosque in Osh and Sulayman-Too.  

Kyrgyzstan Sulayman mountain stamp

Kyrgyzstan 2013, Sulayman-Too.
The stamp was issued in miniaturesheets of four stamps.

United Nations 2017 stamp Sulayman-Too.

United Nations 2017, Sulayman-Too.
The stamp was issued in the seres "Along the Silk Roads".
The stamp above was issued in sheets of 20 stamps:


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