Schwarzhorn 2'574 m
Liechtenstein map

The Schwarzhorn, also known as Hinter Grauspitz, is after the Vorder Grauspitz, also known as Grauspitz (2'599) the second highest summit of Liechtenstein.

The Schwarzhorn is situated in the east of the Falknis 2'560 m and Grauspitz 2'599 m and in the west of the Naafkopf 2'570 m. It marks the Liechtenstein-Swiss borderline.  

Liechtenstein 1937/1938, Lawena Valley,
Mt. Schwarzhorn (Hinter Grauspitz).
The stamp was issued in the series "Definitives 1937-1938". 
Existing overprinted "REGIERUNGSDIENSTSACHE" and crown. Schwarzhorn Liechtenstein mountains stamp 

Liechtenstein 1992, Schwarzhorn (Hinter Grauspitz).
The stamp is showing a view from Val√ľnatal (valley).
The stamp was issued in the series "Definitive — Mountains". 



Liechtenstein 2012, panoramic view from the top of Schwarzhorn. 
Lawena Valley (left) and Val√ľna Valley (right).


Liechtenstein 2018 summit crosses stamp

Liechtenstein 2018, summit Cross on Kläusli.
Kläusli, also known as Samichlaus 2'585 m is a rock just west of Vorder Grauspitz.
A distant view towards the Bernina Range with the easternmost four-thousend-metre peak of the European Alps.
The stamp was issued in the series "Summit Crosses II".