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Tritriva Lake
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Cirque Rouge de Mahajanga — Tritriva Lake — Tsaranoro Massif / Andringitra ParkTsingy de Bemaraha National Parkunknown


The Tritriva Lake is of volcanic origin. It is situated in the central highlands of Madagascar near the village of Belazao. The deep blue crater lake is impressively surrounded by sheer cliffs at an altitude of 1'880 metres. It belongs to the extinct/dormant Ankaratra volcanic field. Volcanism formed in this region several lake-filled craters and hot springs can be found in the area around Antsirabe. The highest summit in the Ankaratra field is known as Tsiafajavona (2'642 m). Madagascar 1962 Lake Tritriva stamp

Madagascar 1962, Tritriva Lake.
The stamp was issued in sheets and in a miniaturesheet.
(please see below)


Madagascar 1962, miniaturesheet.
The stamps are showing:

10F Ranomafana
30F Tritriva Lake
50F Foulpointe
60F Fort-Dauphin
100F plane over Nossi-Bé.


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