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The Moka Range on the western coast of Mauritius forms a semicircle around the capital (Port Louis) of Mauritius. Notable summits are the Peter Both mountain (820 m), Le Pouce (812 m), Mont Bar le Duc (782 m) , Pic Guiby (670 m) and Calebasses (650 m).


Mauritius 1950 Peter Both mountain stamp Mauritius 1953 Peter Both mountain stamp

Mauritius 1950/1953, Peter Both mountain.
(Portraits of King George VI & Queen Elisabeth II)

The Peter Both mountain is a national symbol of Mauritius and famous for the rock formation on its top. It looks like a balancing boulder of about 9 metres in diameter.


Mauritius 1950 - 1964
Port Louis & Moka Range.
The mountain overlooking Port Louis is Le Pouce (below the digit "p").

The Queen Elisabeth stamp is existing:
1953, perforation 13½:14½, watermark 5
1964, perforation 13:14½, watermark 6



Mauritius 1969 Mon Desert Alma sugar Factory Peter Both mountain

Mauritius 1969, Mon Desert Alma Sugar Factory.
Moka Range, Peter Both mountain.


Mauritius 1970, Port Louis.


Mauritius 1972 Peter Both mountain stamp

Mauritius 1972, Royal Visit.
The summit of Peter Both mountain (below March 1972).


Mauritius 2004, Le Pouce 812 m.


Mauritius 2009 Peter Both mountain

Mauritius 2009, Peter Both mountain (820 m).




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