New Zealand
Doubtful Sound

The Doubtful Sound is a large fjord within the Fiordland Nationalpark.

The Doubtful Sound is situated about 100 kilometres in the south of the Milford Sound. Douptful Sound mountain stamp

New Zealand 1996, Doubtful Sound.
The stamp is showing a view with the Rolla island in the foreground, nameless minor summits (527 m and 1'249 m) of the Mount Troup and the Mount Danae 1'549 m (right) in the background.

The stamp was issued:
In sheets of 50 stamps 13:13.
In booklets of 10 stamps, smaller size and self-adhesive (die-cut 11).

The gummed stamp was issued again in the miniature sheet "Capex 96".
(please see below) Capex 96 souvenirsheet

New Zealand 1996, miniaturesheet "CAPEX 96".

The illustration of the miniaturesheet is showing:
Tasman valley with the view towards the Mount Cook Nationalpark (Burnett mountains and the Gamack Range).

The four stamps of the miniaturesheet are showing:
Lake Wanaka
Giant Kauri
Doubtful Sound
Waitomo Limestone Cave