New Zealand
Mount Earnslaw 2'819 m

The Mount Earnslaw belongs to the Forbes Mountains and is situated within the Mount Aspiring Nationalpark in the north of the Lake Wakatipu.

The first recorded ascent of the West Peak: 06.02.1914 by H. F. Wright and J. Robertson. Earnslaw mountain stamp 1898

New Zealand 1898/1902, Mount Earnslaw "First Pictorials".

The stamp is showing the Lake Wakatipu. On the first printing of 300'000 stamps, the name "Lake Wakitipu" was incorrectly engraved instead of "Lake Wakatipu. The New Zealand Post Office ordered the stamp to be reprinted with the correct spelling and slight changes of the design. Many of the stamps with the mistake are kept by collectors. Today unused 2½d Lake Wakatipu stamps are more rare than the incorrect stamp Lake Wakitipu.

The stamp is existing:
1898 Waterlow Printing, London "Lake Wakitipu" and "Lake Wakatipu", without watermark and perforation 12:16.
1899 Wellington Printing without watermark, in different shades and perforation 11.
1902 with watermark and perforation 11 (1902) and 14 (1907). New Zealand 1998 Lake Wakatipu Mount Earnslaw stamp

New Zealand 1998, Mount Earnslaw, "Centenary of the 1898 Pictorials".


New Zealand 1998, "TARAPEX 98", National Stamp Exhibition.
The two stamps of the souvenirsheet are showing the Mount Earnslaw stamp of the "Centenary of the 1898 Pictorials" issue.


New Zealand 1998, "ITALIA 98", World Philatelic Exhibition, Milan.
One stamp of the souvenirsheet is showing the Mount Earnslaw stamp of the "Centenary of the 1898 Pictorials" issue.
The other stamp is showing the Milford Sound.