New Zealand
Fox Glacier / Douglas Peak 3'077 m

The Fox Glacier is 13 kilometres long (2012) and descend from the western peaks of the Southern Alps towards the Tasman Sea. The Fox Glacier is, with the Franz Josef Glacier in the north, unique in descending from the three-thousanders to less than 300 metres above sea level.

The Douglas Peak is situated at the head of the Fox Glacier (west) and the Forrest Ross Glacier (east), which is one of the tribunaries of the 27 kilometres long Tasman Glacier. The Douglas Peak is in a distance of about 5 km in the northeast of the Mt. Tasman and 10 kilometres of the Mt. Cook.


New Zealand 1968, view across the Fox Glacier towards the Douglas Peak.


New Zealand 1996/1998, view across the Fox Glacier towards Douglas Peak.
The stamp was issued:
1996 in coils (self-adhesive) die-cut 11
1998 in coils and booklets (self-adhesive) die-cut 10



New Zealand, 1992 Fox Glacier.