New Zealand
Otira Gorge

The Otira gorge is situated in the Southern Alps on the main route from Canterbury to Westland. It is situated within the Arthur’s-Pass Nationalpark. New Zealand 1898 Otira Gorge Ruapehu volcano mountain stamp

New Zealand 1898/1902, Otira Gorge "First Pictorials".
(designed by E.T. Luke)
The name of the summit is not known, it looks similar to a painting by Peter Mardon (1937 –) which is titled "Lower Otira Gorge". (probably Mt. Rolleston 2275m contact).

Inset within the design of the stamp is the Ruapehu volcano.

  The stamp is existing:
1898 Waterlow Printing, London without watermark and perforation 12:16.
1899 Wellington Printing without watermark, perforation 11.
1902 with watermark and various perforations, 11, 14, 11:14, 11:14 mixed.