New Zealand
Tasman Glacier

The Tasman Glacier is the longest Glacier of New Zealand.

The Glacier is about 27 kilometres long, approximately 4 kilometres wide and has several tribunaries. It flows from the Hochstetter Dome, Mt. Elie De Boumont, Mount Green and the Minarets towards south along the eastern flank of the Mount Tasman and Mount Cook. Tasman Glacier stamp

1960/1967, Tasman Glacier.

View from the ice field Grand Plateau (below Mt. Cook and Mt. Tasman) towards the source of the Tasman Glacier and the Malte Brun Range.


New Zealand 1992. Tasman Glacier.

In the background the Mount Green, Lendenhof Saddle and the Hofstetter Dome.
First ascent of Mount Green: 1909 by Graham brothers, Teichelmann, Volmann.