Aïr Massif 2'022 m
Bromo Tengger Semeru Nationalpark
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Niger AIr mountains map

The Aïr Massif is the largest and highest range in the Central Sahara. It consist of nine almost circular massifs rising from a rocky plateau, bordered by the sand dunes and plain of the Ténéré Desert to the east. The Idoukal-n-Taghès, also known as Mont Bagzane (2'022 m), is the highest mountain of the Range and in Niger. Within the range are several oasis of the Tuareg people, the most famous are Timia, Iferouane and Tabelot.

The massif is part of the Aïr and Ténéré National Nature Reserve, established as an Unesco World Heritage Site in 1991.


Air Mountains Niger stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli

Niger 1973, Aïr Mountains.

Cascade de Timia stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli

Niger 1991, La Cascade de Timia in the Aïr Mountains.


Ruins of Assode Assodé stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli

Niger 1991, Ruins of Assodé.
Assodé was a town in the Aïr Mountains, located about 30 km in the northwest of the oasis Timia.  Niger unknown mountain on postage stamp 1997 Central African Republic

Central African Republic 1997
The image looks like Timia, but it is not confirmed.

Niger Adrar Chiriet Air Mountains stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli

Niger 2001, Sand Dunes at Adrar Chiriet in the Aïr Mountains.
(Adrar Chiriet in the background)