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Norfolk Island
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Norfolk IslandNatural Arches of Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is a small island in the Pacific Ocean about 1'600 km northeast of Sydney. Together with the neighbouring Nepean Island and Phillip Island it forms one of Australia's external territories.


Norfolk Islands 1949, Ball Bay.
Series of 14 values

The image shows a view from Norfolk Island towards Phillip Island in the background.


Norfolk Island 2018, Cruise Ships.


Norfolk island 2018 Cristal Pool miniaturesheet

Norfolk Island 2018, Cristal Pool.
It is not a real waterfall, Wave spilling into the cristal pool.

Norfolk Island’s volcanic origins are evidenced by its rock pools, which were formed from lava beds and eroded lava tunnels. One such rock pool is Crystal Pool, which is located at Point Ross on the south-western end of the island.









Pacific Ocean mountains
Pacific Ocean waterfalls