Al Hajar Mountains 2'980 m
Bromo Tengger Semeru Nationalpark
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Oman Al Hajar Mountains map

The Al Hajar Mountains stretches from the Musandam peninsula (enklave of Oman) through the eastern United Arab Emirates into Oman. The range is divided into three parts, the Northern Hajar (Hajjar al Gharbi), Central Hajar (Jebel Akhdar) and the Eastern Hajar (Hajjar ash Sharqi).

The highest summits of the range are the Jebel Schams (2'980 m) and the Jebel Kawr (2'720).  The Jebel Misht is one of Oman's most imposing peaks. Its south-southwest wall rises vertically for over 1'000 metres and presents some of the most sustained and demanding rock climbing on the Arabian peninsula. Al Hajar Mountains stamp

Oman 2002, 32nd National Day, souvenirsheet, Al Hajar mountains in the background.
Sultan Qabus ibn Said ibn Tamur in the foreground.


Fort Nakhl stamp

Oman 2006, Fort Nakhl.


Tour of Oman miniaturesheet stamp timbre Briefmarke francobolli

2014, Tour of Oman.
Illustration: The Corniche (Waterfront) of Muscat.
The Tour of Oman is an annual professional road bicycle racing stage race held in Oman since 2010.